French Elections: Le Pen and the Far Right, a Collapsed Center, and the Rise of a New Left?

April 30, 2017 at 11:07 AM

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Eric Draitser sits down with political commentator and activist Dr. Moustafa Traore to discuss the French presidential elections, the likely outcomes, and the broader political significance both nationally and internationally. Eric and Moustafa examine the latest poll numbers and what they tell us about the political mood in France. They discuss the prospects for Marine Le Pen and the insurgent left wing candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the impact of Brexit and Trump on the campaign, and the class character of Le Pen’s base. The conversation also explores the ongoing corruption scandals which have negatively impacted candidates, the role of immigrants and French people of color, parallels to Labour (UK) and the Democratic Party (US) and so much more. Don’t miss this timely episode of the podcast.

CounterPunch Radio (Ep. 83) – David Swanson

April 27, 2017 at 1:25 PM

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This week Eric sits down with author and peace activist David Swanson to discuss war and peace in the Age of Trump. Eric and David examine whether Trump’s early days in office represent an escalation of the war machine, and how Trump is both continuing Bush-Obama policies while also taking them in dangerous new directions. The conversation explores how issues of war and imperialism are intimately connected to economic and environmental justice, and the importance of linking them in movement-building. Eric and David also touch on the importance of community-based activism and the development of independent political and economic power. This and so much more this week on CounterPunch Radio!

Israel: Trauma, Oppression, and the Politics of a Fascist State

April 24, 2017 at 2:19 PM

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Eric Draitser sits down with Israeli-American political commentator and doctor of psychology and behavioral neuroscience Yoav Litvin to discuss Israel and the pathology of its politics and self-image. Eric and Yoav examine the nature of trauma, and how the trauma of the Holocaust and historical oppression has been weaponized by Israel. The conversation probes into the psyche of Israeli society, and how its propaganda and foundation myths translate into brutality and dehumanization. Eric and Yoav also explore the fascist character of Israeli politics, the rise of Trump, and the potential for solutions to the seemingly intractable problem of Palestine. All this and much much more in this latest podcast. Don’t miss it!

Robert Hunziker on CounterPunch Radio!

April 4, 2017 at 2:53 PM

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This week Eric welcomes back to the show environmental journalist and CounterPunch contributor Robert Hunziker to talk about how the earth’s climate is going bonkers, and what this means for human civilization. The conversation begins with a discussion of many of the most dangerous indicators of climate instability, and what these signs tell us about the near-, medium-, and long-term future of the planet. Eric and Robert examine the role of humans in exacerbating ecological crises, and how the ongoing nightmare at Fukushima has disappeared down the memory hole. In the second half of the conversation, Eric and Robert explore the political issues at play, including the climate terrorist-in-chief and his reckless pro-energy policies. The conversation also touches on China as global leader, climate change denialism, and the creation of resilient, sustainable communities and independent economic infrastructure outside of capitalism. All this and more in this week’s CounterPunch Radio.

Music: Lee “Scratch” Perry & Errol Walker – “In These Times”

Trump, Fascism, and the American Psyche

March 31, 2017 at 12:45 PM

Eric Draitser of sits down with independent journalist Andrew Stewart to discuss his experience at a Trump rally, Trump as the inverse Obama (right wing Hope and Change), the cowardice of the Democrats, and the mentality of Americans on both sides of the partisan divide.

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