BRICS Under Attack: The Empire’s Destabilizing Hand Reaches Into South Africa

April 1, 2016 at 3:14 PM


This article is part of a series on Western meddling to foment unrest and destabilize BRICS nations in an effort to ensure the continuation of Western economic and political control over the Global South. The first part, focusing on Brazil, can be found here. Still to come: BRICS under attack in Russia, India, and China.

NEW YORK — (Analysis) Major protests have gripped South Africa in recent months as political forces have emerged to give voice to a growing discontent with the government and ruling party. Beneath the surface of these demonstrations organized around legitimate grievances, however, there’s an undercurrent of political manipulation.

South Africa and its ruling African National Congress (ANC) party have been targeted for destabilization due to the country’s burgeoning relationship with China and other non-Western nations, most obviously typified by South Africa’s inclusion in BRICS, the association of the five major emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Last year, for example, China surpassed the United States and European Union as South Africa’s largest trade partner, and the ANC has been hard at work promoting further trade cooperation. Answering questions in the National Assembly, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa explained: “We trade more effectively with China because the relationship is based on win-win; mutual benefit that they can get out of the relationship and that we can get out the relationship.”

But recent protests against the ANC government have threatened the ruling tripartite coalition of the ANC, along with the South African Communist Party and Congress of South African Trade Unions.

A number of groups on the left such as the Economic Freedom Fighters, led by former ANC youth leader Julius Malema, and the National Union of Metalworkers, have taken part in the protests touched off bystudent demonstrations against university fees.

At the same time, however, Western-backed opposition forces led by the Democratic Alliance have positioned themselves as leaders and beneficiaries of the anti-government movement.

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Latin America in the Crosshairs; Destabilization of South Africa; US-India Military Alliance?

April 1, 2016 at 3:07 PM

Eric Draitser of provides his analysis of world affairs (March 27, 2016) on CPR Sunday with Don DeBar. The conversation begins with the ongoing right wing ascendance in Latin America where Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador and others have been targeted. Eric then goes into a detailed discussion of how and why the Empire and finance capital are undermining and destabilizing the ANC government in South Africa. Draitser also goes into detail about the US attempts to forge a military alliance with India, and the geopolitical and strategic implications. All this and much more in this in depth conversation.

President Trump? US War Machine Rolls On

March 29, 2016 at 6:12 PM

There’s little doubt that, as president, Hillary Clinton will enact the same sorts of disastrous and criminal policies that her predecessors of both parties have pursued. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is being lauded by many as a much needed change in terms of US foreign policy, someone whose ideas and actions will be guided by a very different understanding of the world.

With one breath Trump talks about wanting to “get along with Russia,” and with another proclaims the need to “punish China” for what he describes as currency manipulation and aggression in the South China Sea. The difficulty in ascertaining just what sort of foreign policy Trump would pursue has led many international observers to wonder aloud whether a Trump presidency might not be the best thing for world peace.

Indeed, when it comes to the Middle East and issues as complex as international terrorism, Syria, and Israel-Palestine, there has been speculation that Trump might in fact be something of a non-interventionist, someone who would focus on US domestic problems and rein in US aggression around the world.

But there is no reason to wonder anymore as Trump recently revealed to the Washington Post some of his core advisers on foreign policy. And, to put it bluntly, a Trump presidency means little more than a continuation of US aggression, criminality, and imperialism.

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The Inhumanity of Israel; The Rising Tide of Anti-Zionist Consciousness

March 29, 2016 at 6:01 PM

Eric Draitser of provides his commentary (March, 25, 2016) on the latest shocking video of a summary execution by Israeli security forces. Draitser explains that these actions are indicative of generations of dehumanization of Palestinians by the Israeli state, particularly the far right, and that it is a manifestation of the ideology of Jewish Supremacy. He also adds that there is a growing awareness, even among Jews in the West, of the criminality and barbarism of the Israeli state, and that such developments should be welcomed and cultivated.

Digital Hypocrisy? US Charges Iran for Cyber Attacks

March 29, 2016 at 6:00 PM

Eric Draitser of provides his analysis of the news that the US indicted Iranian hackers for cybercrimes against key US institutions. Draitser explains that the timing of the announcement is noteworthy as it coincides with a push by elements in the US to undermine the nuclear agreement signed with Iran. He also describes in detail the use of cyberweapons by the US and Israel who have deployed them repeatedly against Iran. Draitser also speculates as to some of the behind the scenes political maneuvering taking place in Washington. All this and much more in this interview.