Stop Imperialism – Episode 66

August 6, 2013 at 2:22 AM



1. Syria

 syria_80 Al-Qaeda militants travel to Syria Via Turkey
CIA moved Libya missiles to Syria rebels: Report
Saudi weapons delivered to Al-Qaeda in Northern Syria
Putin receives Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan in Moscow
Lavrov: Syrian opposition undermining Geneva talks
We strike terror with iron fist, says Syria’s President Assad
Syrian army restores security, stability to areas in Damascus, Idlib countryside
Former U.S. ambassador to Syria considered for Egypt: sources
Syria bans use of foreign currencies for business deals
Kurdish factor to change Middle East dynamics
Segment Start: 00 h 12 min 55 sec
Segment End: 00 h 46 min 35 sec

2. Iran

 ir US politicians don’t want Iran’s Rouhani to succeed
Iran’s new president terms Syria as “brother” country
Iran’s inflation rate hits 33.9 per cent
Rohani urges completion of North-South Transnational Corridor
Iran, Russia, Qatar agreed to prevent gas prices from falling
China objects to tougher US sanctions on Iran
Report: Azerbaijan closes offices of 2 anti-Iran groups in Baku
Segment Start: 00h 48 min 26 sec
Segment End: 01h 14 min 08 sec

3. Zimbabwe

 zimbabwe Zimbabwe opposition rejects poll result
ZANU PF Manifesto: Team Zanu PF 2013
$2 billion council debt write-off as ZANU PF fulfills election promise
Segment Start: 01 h 16 min 02 sec
Segment End: 01 h 43 min 08 sec

4. Whistleblowers (Snowden & Manning)

 NSA With Snowden now free in Russia, U.S. has few options
XKeyscore: NSA tool collects ‘nearly everything a user does on the internet’
German minister calls on secret service to explain complicity in NSA snooping
Germany ends Cold War spying pact with US, Britain
The Manning verdict: Obama’s defining injustice
Bradley Manning sentencing testimony suggests WikiLeaks not responsible for any deaths
Segment Start: 01 h 44 min 36 sec
Segment End: 02 h 21 min 00 sec

5. Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)

 SCO Chinese military hardware hits Russia for joint anti-terror drills
Gazprom eyes Latin American bonanza
US deploying jets around Asia to keep China surrounded
Foreign ministers set agenda for forthcoming SCO summit in Kyrgyzstan
Segment Start: 02 h 22 min 00 sec
Segment End: 02 h 37 min 48 sec

6. Under the Radar

 Under Radar You won’t believe what’s going on at Fukushima right now
Interpol issues alert on mass prison breaks in Pakistan, Iraq and Libya
In Mali, a race between a former finance minister and a pro-French favorite
AMISOM defends Kenya’s presence in Somalia
Brazil refused to back new IMF aid for Greece, says billions at risk
Middle East peace process hits stumbling block as Israel ‘considers new West Bank building project’
Exxon receives slap on the wrist for poisoning NYC water for decades
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Segment End: 02 h 55 min 06 sec


The “McDonaldization” of the US

July 30, 2013 at 4:59 PM


Eric Draitser of appears on RT’s CrossTalk to discuss the state of the US economy, specifically the assault on working people and the poor. Eric explains how low wage jobs have been used as a weapon by the ruling class to convert the US economy from a high wage economy to one that is typified by low wages, temporary jobs, and a reduced standard of living. Eric also examines many other aspects of this issue in this half hour program.

Zimbabwe: Voting for Progress

July 17, 2013 at 12:56 AM


Zimbabwe’s upcoming elections, scheduled to take place on July 31st, will go a long way to determining the future of the country.  On the one hand, the entrenched power of President Mugabe and ZANU-PF enters the elections with a track record that both elicits praise and inspires criticism.  On the other hand, there is Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and his opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) which enters the election once again with the high-minded rhetoric of “democracy” and “transparency”, but also with a mixed record that has many questioning their ability to lead.

With less than two weeks to go before Zimbabweans go to the polls many questions remain unanswered: Will the MDC-T boycott the elections due to what they perceive to be a lack of reforms? Will Zimbabwe be able to carry out peaceful elections, unlike in 2008?  Are the people of Zimbabwe satisfied with the progress of land redistribution and other reforms implemented by Mugabe and ZANU-PF?  These are only some of the most pressing questions weighing on the minds of urban and rural Zimbabweans alike.

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Fomenting Civil War in Egypt

July 11, 2013 at 2:18 PM

Fomenting Civil War in Egypt - 7-11-13

The killing of more than 50 people at a demonstration in support of ousted Egyptian President Morsi in Cairo on Monday has justifiably horrified many in Egypt and internationally.  The pro-Morsi elements have placed the blame on the military forces, while the military claims it was attacked with live ammunition.  While accusations are hurled back and forth, a new aspect to this story is emerging – the presence of a third force, namely snipers stationed on rooftops firing at both sides of the conflict.  This revelation raises serious questions about the true nature of the conflict in Egypt and the disturbing similarities between this incident and similar ones in Syria, Thailand, and elsewhere.

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Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Struggle for Influence in Syria

July 8, 2013 at 4:43 PM


This week’s resignation of Ghassan Hitto, the so-called “Prime Minister in waiting” of the Syrian Opposition Coalition, coupled with the July 6th election of Ahmed Assi al-Jarba to head the umbrella coalition of US-supported proxy groups attempting to topple the Assad government, has revealed further cracks in the edifice of the imperialist assault on Syria. (Read entire article)