Interview – Antonino D’Ambrosio 06-22-13

Antonino D'Ambrosio-LetEric sits down with filmmaker, author, and visual artist Antonino D’Ambrosio to discuss his new film Let Fury Have the Hour – an amazing film that examines the relationship between art, politics, and the fight to own the future.  Antonino discusses his formative political experiences and his journey to filmmaking and art, explaining how punk music, hip hop, skateboarding, and a host of other “subversive” forms of expression helped shaped his own world-view.  Eric and Antonino examine the diversity of personalities in the film as well as how the Thatcherite and Reaganite ideology is used as a narrative scaffolding for the film.  Additionally, they discuss the role of, as Antonino describes them, “creative responders” who help ask the questions and inspire the actions that lead to revolutionary change.

Antonino D'Ambrosio-100Antonino D’Ambrosio is an author, filmmaker, and visual artist.  His new film “Let Fury Have the Hour” is available on iTunes and other platforms.  D’Ambrosio is also the founder of the La Lutta New Media Collective, a non-profit social media and documentary production group.  Visit the film website at