Interview – David Axe 06-20-12

David Axe500

Eric sits down with journalist and blogger David Axe to discuss a variety of military-related issues. Mr. Axe provides interesting insight into the nature of Special Forces operations in Somalia and around the Horn of Africa. He also sheds light on the shadowy US base known as Camp Lemonnier located in Djibouti which is believed to be the launching point of drones and military aircraft as well as a major location in the AFRICOM network. Additionally, David explains his “controversial” story regarding US troops inside North Korea and the hysteria that ensued. Eric and David also discuss the nature of the US space program and the rise of Chinese space exploration.

David Axe is the Editor of and a reporter for Wired’s Danger Room blog. He is a regular contributor to Voice of America, AOL, and other publications. Follow him on twitter @daxe.