Interview – Graham Erion & Karen Hinton 02-05-2013


Eric has the opportunity to speak with Graham Erion and Karen Hinton, two key individuals involved in the legal battle against Chevron in Ecuador.  Mr. Erion, one of the attorneys for the plaintiffs, describes the difficult legal struggle he and his colleagues have gone through, a struggle spanning multiple decades, to get the necessary restitution for the indigenous victims of big oil in Ecuador.  Karen Hinton, US spokesperson for the plaintiffs recounts how committed and courageous these indigenous communities are, fighting for their rights and the rights of all indigenous people affected by multinational corporations.  Eric, Graham and Karen discuss the dirty tricks that Chevron has employed including bribery and corruption.  They also place the court case in the broader geopolitical context, examining how it fits into the politics of Latin America and the rest of the world.