Interview – Nico Udu-Gama 05-22-12


Eric has a chance to sit down with Nico Udu-gama, field organizer for School of the Americas Watch. Nico draws on his extensive experience in Latin America to illuminate some of the important issues and conflicts in the region as they relate to US imperialism. Nico and Eric discuss the history of the School of the Americas from its founding in the aftermath of WWII to its role in propagating dictatorships, the drug trade, and other aspects of the US empire. Additionally, they examine how the rise of ALBA and the political Left in Latin America has ushered in a new era for SOA and Western imperial ambitions in the region.

Nico Udu-gama is a renowned political activist who has spent years organizing for political and social justice both in South America and in the U.S.  He is currently a field organizer for SOA Watch.  Please visit their for updates on events and actions.