Interview – Prof. Robin Hahnel 06-04-12


Eric sits down with Robin Hahnel, respected author and Professor of Economics at Portland State University. They discuss a variety of issues ranging from the Greek crisis and the rise of the Syriza bloc to the Wall St.-Washington combine. In addition, Eric and Prof. Hahnel debate and critique the Occupy movement while at the same time highlighting its achievements. In addition, Prof. Hahnel outlines his and Michael Albert’s theory of participatory economics and its ideological supporters within Occupy while he and Eric frame the discussion in terms of the historical and contemporary connections.

Professor Robin Hahnel is the co-author of the highly influential The Political Economy of Participatory Economics which attempts to present an alternative to free market Capitalism as well as centrally planned and free market Socialism. He is also the author of the recent book Green Economics (2011). He is currently a Professor of Economics at Portland State University. Many of his recent articles can be found at his Z Space page.