Interview – Thorsten Pattberg 08-16-12


Eric sits down with Dr. Thorsten Pattberg to discuss academia, language and imperialism.  Dr. Pattberg examines the ways in which academic imperialism is used to shape dominant discourse.  Also, Dr. Pattberg explains the concepts of language imperialism and linguistic imperialism and the distinction between the two.  Additionally, the conversation touches on the differences between Western and Chinese perspectives on a wide range of issues.

Dr. Thorsten Pattberg is a renowned author and lecturer at Peking University.  His books include The East-West DichotomyShengren, and Inside Peking University. He has written extensively on linguistics and the relationship between language and imperialism.  Visit his website at

THORSTEN PATTBERG was born in Germany and educated in Philosophy, History, Chinese, Sanskrit, Indian and Buddhism Studies at The University of Edinburgh, Fudan University, The University of Tokyo, Harvard University, and earned his doctorate degree from The Institute of World Literature of Peking University.

He is the author of The East-West dichotomy (2009), Holy Confucius!(2011),Shengren (2011), and Inside Peking University (2012), has contributed to Asia Times, China Daily, Global Times, Global Research, China Today, Shanghai Daily, Die Zeit (German Times), Korea Herald, and Japan Times, has given public lectures, and is a member of several academic associations like the International Association of Comparative Mythology (IACM), the German East Asiatic Society (OAG), and the International Association for Comparative Study of China and The West (IACSCW).