On Ukraine, History, and the March to War

May 10, 2015 at 11:42 PM

Eric Draitser of StopImperialism.org appears on the Sunday Wire Radio Show with Patrick Henningsen (May 3, 2015) to discuss the situation in Ukraine, and the historical context within which it must be understood.  Eric and Patrick examine the role of Nazi ideology and fascist politics in shaping both the events in Ukraine and the discourse surrounding them.  They also discuss the history of the region, the importance of World War II in the collective memory of the people of Donbass (and the entire former Soviet Union), and the antecedents of the Nazis and fascists of Ukraine today.  Eric and Patrick also touch on a variety of other issues including the role of the US and NATO in promoting the conflict in Ukraine as a proxy war against Russia, the dangers of this policy, and the frightening way in which history is, in many ways, repeating itself.  All this and much more in this in depth discussion.

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