Syria, Turkey, and the Regional War

August 11, 2015 at 12:15 PM


Eric Draitser appears on Radio Sputnik (August 11, 2015) to provide his comments about Syria, Turkey, ISIS/ISIL and more.  He explains that ISIS serves as a convenient pretext for the continuation of the regime change agenda in Syria, and that the US, Turkey and their allies have been instrumental in nurturing the terror organization since 2012.  Draitser notes that Turkey is pursuing its own regional hegemonic agenda, and the creation of “buffer zones” in Syria is merely part of Ankara’s strategy for expanding its influence through war against both Damascus and the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).  He adds that a resolution to the conflict will only come once Saudi Arabia and Turkey recognize that Syria will not be militarily defeated, and that Assad will be part of any peaceful political solution.  Until such time, Draitser argues, the war will continue.

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