The Reality Principle – Episode #20 – March 15, 2013

delimeter3“The New Asia: Power and the Pivot” with Nile Bowie


RP_83x126This week, Eric chats with independent journalist and photographer Nile Bowie about some of the major issues and conflicts in the Asia-Pacific region. Eric and Nile discuss the unrest and violence in the Sabah province of Malaysia and the political context of the conflict in relation to both Malaysia and the Philippines. They also examine the current situation with North Korea and the question of whether or not the DPRK will follow the path of economic progress or hold fast to their political isolation. Additionally, Eric and Nile analyze the territorial disputes in the South China Sea and the larger geopolitical context of that issue, as well as the political transition in China and how that will impact their foreign and domestic policies. Lastly, they detail the horrific Trans-Pacific Partnership and the way in which the United States is using it to exert control over a region increasingly more reliant upon Beijing.

NB_80Nile Bowie is an independent journalist and photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His work has appeared in many international news outlets including Russia Today, Asia Times, Counterpunch, Press TV, New Straits Times, and many more.