The Reality Principle – Episode #21 – March 22, 2013


delimeter3“Fukushima: 2 Years Later” with James Corbett


RP_83x126Earlier this month marked the two year anniversary of the disaster at Fukushima. Despite the fact that so much time has passed, we still have very few answers to the multitude of questions and concerns that the incident raised. Joining Eric on the program this week is independent journalist James Corbett, founder of and Eric and James discuss the literal and figurative fallout from the disaster and the role of the Japanese and US governments in covering up the truth of the situation. Living in Japan, James is able to provide unique perspectives and insights into the thoughts and attitudes of the people of Japan as well as explain for listeners some of the domestic politics surrounding the issue. Eric and James also analyze the ways in which this issue is far from resolved as the world teeters on the brink of a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions. Additionally, James and Eric discuss the future of energy in Japan and around the world as millions finally begin to wake up to the dangers of nuclear power and those who profit


James Corbett is an independent journalist and founder of He is a contributor to as well as a number of other news outlets. Based in Japan, James Corbett is one of the indispensable figures in the alternative media, shattering the lies and mythologies fed to people by the corporate media. Follow his work at