The Reality Principle – Episode #03 – Nov 2, 2012

delimeter3“Iran: A Nation under Attack “ with Ardeshir Ommanidelimeter4

RP_83x126Although most know Iran today as an international pariah, few pay any attention to the covert war being waged against the Islamic Republic of Iran every day. From crippling economic sanctions to the assassination of scientists to the sabotage of critical infrastructure, Iran is under constant attack by her enemies. Israel sees Iran as an obstacle to its own regional hegemonic designs, while the United States sees in Iran a dangerous model for other nations: economic and diplomatic independence outside the dominion of the US Empire. Additionally, Iran is engaged in a long-term proxy war with Saudi Arabia, one that takes a number of forms and has various fronts. Iran is a nation that is proud, rich in culture and history but, sadly, under perpetual assault by its enemies.

Yassamine_Mather_75x85Ardeshir Ommani

Yassamine Mather is Co-Deputy Director of the Centre for the Study of Socialist Theory at the University of Glasgow. She is also the Chair of Hands Off the People of Iran (HOPI). The organization’s website is