The Reality Principle – Episode #05 – Nov 15, 2012

delimeter3“Looking East: The Geopolitics of the Asia-Pacific” with Binoy Kampmarkdelimeter4


The Asia-Pacific region is universally recognized as being the key to 21st Century economic prosperity. It is for this reason that China and the United States find themselves engaged in a wide-ranging struggle for influence and control. From maritime disputes in the South China Sea to the implementation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership to competition for influence in Myanmar, the world’s two largest economies continue to vie for hegemony in the region.

In this week’s episode, Eric discusses the political and economic situation in Myanmar on the eve of the first visit by a US president in decades. Also, Eric sits down with Binoy Kampmark, lecturer and journalist based in Australia. They examine the internal politics in China against the backdrop of the Communist Party Congress as well as some of the more critical geopolitical issues facing the Asia-Pacific region.

Binoy_Kampmark-x100Binoy Kampmark
Binoy Kampmark is a lecturer at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He is a frequent contributor to Counterpunch, Scoop, and a variety of other respected publications. Follow him on Twitter @bkampmark.