The Reality Principle – Episode #08 – Dec 16, 2012

delimeter3“Africa: The Scramble Continues” with Abayomi Azikiwedelimeter4


This week, Eric examines the geopolitical situation in Africa. He analyzes the continued genocide and plunder of the Congo, assessing the situation there and dispelling some of the more insidious myths surrounding the issue. In addition, Eric looks at the deteriorating political climate in Mali, dissecting the various players involved and the possibility of military intervention on behalf of the imperialist powers. Finally, Eric’s analysis takes us to North Africa where Libya continues to be exploited by “investors” and the opposition rallies in the streets of Cairo against the burgeoning dictatorship of President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Eric is joined this week by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire. The two discuss a wide range of issues including what is happening with regard to the uprising by miners and other laborers in South Africa in the wake of the Marakana massacre. Also, they examine the political situation in Zimbabwe with elections due to take place in the near future. Abayomi also gives his incredible insights on conflicts in West Africa, the plunder of Libya and much much more.



Abayomi Azikiwe is the Editor of the Pan African Newswire which can be found at He is a longtime activist and radical based in Detroit.