The Reality Principle – Episode #14 – Jan 24, 2013

delimeter3“Congo & the Politics of Genocide” with Keith Harmon Snow



This week Eric examines the continued conflict and genocide in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He explores the various factions on the ground as well as the forces behind the violence and the imperialist powers that support. Eric provides insight into the how the mainstream narrative of the conflict is entirely constructed in order to conceal the fact that the key figures in this conflict are all connected while the Congolese victims remain powerless and voiceless.

Eric is joined by Keith Harmon Snow, genocide investigator and filmmaker, who is the foremost expert on the true nature of the conflict in the Congo. Eric and Keith examine the politics of genocide, grounding their discussion in the issue of how dominant discourse frames the historical narrative of genocides. They discuss the complex history of Rwanda and the region in order to provide further insight into this conflict. Eric and Keith also discuss the role of the United States and the Western imperial powers in shaping and promoting this conflict and their strategic and economic motivations. Additionally, they also critique the corporations, NGOs and other powerful institutions which all play a role in misinforming the public about the truth of the Congo.

img Keith Harmon Snow is an award-winning independent war correspondent, photographer, and human rights investigator.