The Reality Principle – Episode #07 – Nov 28, 2012

delimeter3Fake Crises, Real Disasters & Genuine Solutions

with Margaret Kimberleydelimeter4


This week, Eric examines the nature of the manufactured issue of the “fiscal cliff” and how the propaganda surrounding this mythology is indicative of the moral, ethical, and political bankruptcy of both major political parties. Juxtaposed against this, Eric analyzes a real disaster – Hurricane Sandy – which demonstrated unequivocally the corruption and failure of large government and foundation institutions while also illustrating the need for local, community-based action. It is this premise which leads to an examination of “hackerspaces” and “makerspaces” as genuine solutions to the problem of corporate control and domination.


Eric is joined by Margaret Kimberley, columnist for Black Agenda Report.  The two discuss Obama’s reelection and the psychological effect his presidency has had on Black America. Additionally, they discuss Ms. Kimberley’s recent articles on the “fiscal cliff” and the lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy as it relates to organization and activism. To read Margaret Kimberley’s “Freedom Rider” column, please visit