Trump, Clinton & the Danger of US Liberals; Global Economic Crisis and the Potential of World War

March 8, 2016 at 5:25 PM

Eric Draitser appears on Community Public Radio (March 4, 2016) with broadcaster Don DeBar and Professor Anthony Monteiro to discuss the US elections and the implications for the future. The conversation begins with a discussion of both the Republican and Democratic sides with particular attention to the socioeconomic conditions giving rise to the anti-establishment sentiment among voters in both parties. From there, Eric, Tony, and Don talk about the likely outcome of the elections, the danger of both white and non-white liberals, and the implications for the US and the world. Be warned, there are some frightening themes discussed including the potential for global war, the historical precedent, and the danger of the current moment. All this and more in this wide-ranging conversation.

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